The chicken / quail eggs concentrated complete vitamin and mineral complex, which if used correctly will bring enormous benefits. Hair mask of eggs is aimed at combating cross-section and fragility, it gives a natural shine strands and makes them flexible. In addition, home remedies are effective for color-treated hair, as supported color. But everything in detail.

The best recipes for hair masks from eggs

The main rule that should be followed - do masochki systematically. To restore the entire stacks will take about 10-15 procedures. Flushing is carried tepid or slightly warm water, otherwise it will roll egg flakes.

№1. With yolks

1. The main component of this recipe - chilled whipped egg yolk, will take about 3-5 pieces. It depends on the length of the strands. Convenient to carry out the procedure, bathing in the bath, since the mask flows.

2. So, apply a means for the entire length of humid or dry curls and good rub. Race against 10-20 minutes, then wash with water at room temperature.

№2. With olive oil

1. Explosive vitamin mixture for complex recovery and dual moisturizing. Prepare 3 raw yolk, mix with 2 tbsp. l. olive oil and spread over the hair.

2. Wrap the foil mop that means not trickled down to his shoulders. Race against the clock about half an hour, then hair mask from the egg is washed away. Drying is carried out in a natural way.

№3. With gelatin

1. Means in its effects similar to lamination. One just different - the mask will cost you almost for free. Apply it on the roots should not be, because gelatin is grasped crust and clog pores, disrupting the activities of the glands.

2. We will prepare a mask for hair with egg, gelatin and balm. The presented components are taken in a relatively equal ratio. Ie 1 egg 1 tablespoon accounts. l. air conditioning and 1 tbsp. l. gelatin (pre-soak in water).

3. The composition was applied to the entire length of the curl, departing from the root on one finger. Ends being worked out with the utmost care. After 45 minutes exposure under the film can be removed without shampoo mask.

№4. With yogurt

1. For excessively over-dried and brittle strands, inclined to the cross section, it is recommended to apply moisturizers. The mask is made of 30 oz. honey, 100 gr. thick Greek yogurt, 3 egg yolks.

2. All these components are whipped blender. Apply the product we recommend to clean wet hair, so the composition will penetrate into the bulb and stem faster.

3. After applying the hair mask from the egg Race against the clock at least 1 hour, do not forget to wear a shower cap. At the end of procedure shall be removed with shampoo, followed by application of conditioner.

№5. With lemon juice

1. If your hair is oily at the roots, literally 8 hours after shampooing, then disrupted production of fat. In order to overcome the fat content, to make money on the basis of a lemon.

2. Squeeze the juice of ½ citrus, to connect with the same amount of olive / burdock oil. Priplyusuet 2 raw protein and whisk in rich foam.

3. Apply to the basal part of the dirty, after a three-minute massage stretch all the way to the ends. Keep under strictly cellophane for 25 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

№6. With cognac

1. Hair Mask with brandy and egg improves hair density. Regular use will grow locks.

2. In a bowl, whisk thoroughly 3 raw egg yolk. Type 50 ml. burdock oil and the same quantity of brandy.

3. Spread across the length and insulated. After 40 minutes wash head with water at room temperature and usual air conditioner.

№7. With castor oil

1. Wanting to stop the loss, hair mask from the egg and butter will be a real salvation.

2. Beat yolks 2 and 30 ml. castor oil. Spread part of the roots to the tips. Create a thermal effect. Wash off after half an hour.

№8. With yogurt

1. hair mask from the eggs and yogurt perfectly smoothes unruly curls. Whisk the egg white from the 3 and send it to chill for a quarter of an hour. Parallel to pass through a blender half avocado pulp.

2. Connect a total cup puree, protein blend and 80 ml. low-fat yogurt. Allocate funds across long. Do gentle massage at the roots. Are warmed for 45 minutes.

№9. with shell

1. To fully strengthen the structure of the hair and remove split ends regularly enlists the aid of a mask.

2. Whisk 3 eggs and send in the cold. Parallel to wash shell eggs 1 and turn into the flour in a coffee grinder. Mix the ingredients and enter 50 ml. olive oil.

3. Rub the tool into the root area, the rest mass stretch to tip. Wait for a third hour. Wash the head natural shampoo and water at room temperature.

№10. With carrot juice

1. The mask for damaged and colored hair will help restore the structure. In its basis includes egg, honey, butter.

2. Whisk 2 egg yolks. Parallel to warm up 30 gr. honey. Pour products. Add 50 ml. olive oil and the same amount of fresh carrot juice.

3. Spread on a clean dry tresses. Wait at least half an hour. Wash your head cool herbal decoction.

If you want to cause hair in order, pay attention to the hair mask from an egg with additional components. Depending on the problem, you will achieve the desired result. The main thing is to systematically resort to the procedures.