If you're an Amazon Prime customer who was wishing for HBO and Cinemax support through the e-retailer's Channels service, you're now in luck.

Amazon announced on Thursday that its Prime members can now sign up for HBO and Cinemax streaming through its Amazon Channels service. HBO will be available to subscribers for $15 per month. Those interested in getting Cinemax will need to pay $10 per month. Amazon is offering a 30-day free trial on both HBO and Cinemax.

In order to get your hands on the content, you'll first need to be an Amazon Prime member. From there, you can simply head over to Amazon Channels and choose the networks to which you'd like to subscribe. A free-trial period will immediately commence, and then all billing for access to the content will be handled by Amazon.

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Amazon Channels is designed to be deliver programming to those who want to create their own skinny bundle of programming. Rather than sign up for cable or satellite service, Prime members can head over to Channels and subscribe to individual services. They'll then pay a monthly fee for access to all of its content.

Amazon offers a slew of channels through the service, including Showtime, Starz, and Comedy Central Stand-Up, among others. All of the services come with their own monthly pricing and users can choose to sign up for one, some, or all. The service works on more than 650 devices and free trials are available on all the networks.

The lack of HBO, however, was a point of contention for those who were eyeing Amazon Channels as a potential option to watch streaming programming. HBO is one of the most sought-after streaming services available and not offering it to Prime members was heavily criticized. Now, though, Amazon has caught up and added Cinemax, to boot.

According to Amazon, its HBO option includes access to all of the network's programming, including "Game of Thrones," "Westworld," and "The Sopranos." It also includes documentaries, sports, movies, and other content.

As noted, you can watch the content on hundreds of devices and you'll stream the content from Amazon Video.

The new HBO and Cinemax streaming options are available now on Amazon Channels.

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