Partial loss of up to 100 hairs - is the norm with which people face every day. But if, for certain reasons, this amount is increased, then the need to mask hair loss at times. It can be cooked at home. The most effective and inexpensive cosmetics directly to your kitchen!

The most effective mask for hair loss

Masks for hair loss as you know, are prepared at home. All recipes are simple, built on available ingredients. To achieve the effect of the means applied every other day or 3 times a week minimum. The course of treatment varies from 1 to 3 months, depending on the state of the shocks.

№1. Coffee and chamomile broth

Prepare to chamomile highly concentrated solution. Boil coffee, to connect with the broth in a ratio of 1 to 5. Rinse it means dry hair, wait for an hour. Not suitable for blondes, because it can stain strands.

№2. Propolis tincture

Buy alcohol infusion can be a pharmacy. You need 20 drops. Connect the specified volume with an ampoule of vitamin A (1 ml.), Rub in roots. Masochka left for half an hour.

№3. Cognac in a pure form

Overcome alopecia (loss) in the usual cognac. Warm it to couple to 30 degrees, rub to the root section and a head cellophane pack. After 50 minutes, remove.

№4. Grapefruit juice and butter burdock

Squeeze of citrus juice to obtain 60 ml. Connect with 25 gr. honey and 40 ml. burdock oil. Warm to mask hair loss has become more liquid structure. At home, the application is identical to all other assets, that is carried out on the part of the root. The most effective mask is maintained for up to 1 hour.

№5. Castor oil and vitamin E

Purchase ampoule vitamin E you will be able to counter. Connect 1 ml. (1 pc.) With 30 ml. castor oil and warm up to 30-35 degrees. Implement application and note an hour and a half.

№6. Red pepper with honey

Measure out half a teaspoon of red hot pepper. Stir 45 gr thereto. honey and the same basic hair balm. Before washing hair, apply this tool and keep the third hour.

№7. "Dimexidum"

At the pharmacy you can buy a solution "Dimexidum". Measure 35 ml., Mix together with same volume of olive oil and spread over the root zone. Incubate strictly under film 1 hr.

№8. Henna and butter

Obtain henna without shade, measure 80 c., Connect with hot water and let stand for about 30 minutes. After a predetermined interval, type 50 ml. vegetable oil (burdock, olive, etc.). Apply to all the hair, wait for 1 to 3 hours.

№9. Clay mineral water

Get a blue clay, mix with carbonated mineral water to a paste. Distribute only a radical part and wait for half an hour. It shall be kept strictly under the film, otherwise it will dry up.

№10. Bread with egg

Required black bread crumb. Soak it in hot milk, wring. Grind product into crumbs blender and type 2 raw yolk. Additionally, enter the juice of one onion bulbs. Apply and timed 35 minutes.

№11. Aloe gelatin

Mask for hair loss on the Aloe is well-proven. At home, soak 30 grams. gelatin, in purified water. After swelling, type 50 ml. aloe juice. Apply the product and wash off after half an hour. Mask is a simple and very effective.

№12. Kefir with yeast

Connect dry yeast with low-fat yogurt. As a result, you have a creamy mixture should turn out. Endurance Term structure on the head of the order of 1 hour. Do not forget to build the dome of the film.

№13. Salt and butter

Warm 80 ml. olive oil on a steam bath until an acceptable temperature. Enter the 70 gr. sea ​​salt and thoroughly mixed. Spread on the strands and leave for 1 hour.

№14. Cognac and onions

Mix egg yolk with 60 ml. cognac and the same amount of onion juice. Rub a homogeneous mass in the roots. Do gentle massage for a few minutes. Create a cap. Remove after 35 minutes.

№15. Burdock oil

Warm oil in a water bath until an acceptable temperature. Rub the composition root area and wait for 1 hour. It is recommended to wrap your head with polyethylene.

№16. A mixture of oils

Warm on a steam bath with 25 ml. almond oil. Enter the basis of 7 drops of lavender oil, and 2 drops of rosemary oil, geranium. This mask is rubbed into the root area and stretches to the ends. It is recommended to insulate. Remove half an hour.

№17. Mustard oil

Mask for hair loss based on mustard has a mass of useful qualities. It is easy to prepare at home. In addition, many believe that it is most effective. To prepare the required purified water and 30 g. powder. Get a creamy mixture. Enter the 45 gr. burdock oil and honey. The duration of exposure to the head is warmed hour.

№18. Yolk

Whisk mixer egg yolk with 55 ml. burdock oil. Thoroughly rub a lot of head and insulated. Wait 25-30 minutes.

№19. Butter and egg

Stir egg whisk, 35 ml. corn oil, and the same number of the ridge. Rub into the roots and stretch to the ends. Insulate and wait 40 minutes.

№20. Honey and lemon

Warm floral honey in a water bath, and type 30 ml. fresh lemon juice. Do gentle massage. The balances spread over the entire length. Insulate and wait fifteen minutes.

Mask for hair loss is cooked very simply. Pick an optimal composition at home. Do not forget that some of the components may be manifested allergy. The most effective mask can be different for each person.