See You season 3 soon. Netflix renewed the buzzy psychological thriller for a third season, which will continue following the demented love life of stalker/killer Joe Goldberg.

Netflix confirmed star Penn Badgley will be back, as will Victoria Pedretti, who played his season 2 paramour Love Quinn. 

The 10 new episodes will come from co-creators Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti. The series is based on the books You and Hidden Bodies by author Caroline Kepnes. Since there is no follow-up novel, You season 3 will have complete freedom to expand Joe Goldberg’s universe.

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You’s renewal comes as no surprise. The drama, which originated on Lifetime, has been a hit. One of our best shows on Netflix, it ranked No. 5 on the list of most popular series on the streaming service in 2019, just days after its December 2019 debut. It also generates a ton of buzz and chatter on social media.

Here’s everything we know about You season 3 including its release date, cast, plot, and more.

You season 3 release date: when is it coming out? 

You season 3 does not yet have a release date.

Netflix renewed the show on January 14 and announced season 3 will premiere in 2021. 

Season 2 filmed from February to June 2019, then premiered December 26, 2019. If You Season 3 follows a similar schedule, it could debut in early 2021.

You season 3 cast: who’s in it?

Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti are confirmed to return as Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn in You season 3.

Several season 2 cast members could possibly reprise their roles: Jennie Ortega as precocious teen Ellie Alves, who went on the run at Joe’s instigation; Saffron Burrows as Love’s mother, Dottie Quinn; Michael Reilly Burke as Love’s father, Ray; and Robin Lord Taylor as hacker Will Bettelheim. 

You fans have also speculated that Joe’s mother, Sandy (Magda Apanowicz), who was seen in flashbacks during season 2, could appear again in some form in season 3 — possibly as his new neighbor.

Although their characters are dead, other cast members could also return in flashbacks or visions in You season 3, including James Scully as Forty Quinn; Ambyr Childers as Candace; Chris D’Elia as comedian Henderson; and Carmela Zumbado as Delilah Alves.

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It’s also possible that season 1 stars Elizabeth Lail and John Stamos make cameos again as their characters Guinevere Beck (Joe’s ex-lover, whom he killed) and Dr. Nicky (the therapist Joe set up for Beck’s murder who is now in prison).

About bringing back characters in You season 3, co-creator Sera Gamble told The Hollywood Reporter, “I don't see why not. Part of the fun of Joe is that he is not very good at doing bad things. He doesn't plan them well. He doesn't execute them perfectly like a mastermind. And so there is always the worry that things from his past are going to catch up with him. What's great about that is it creates a landscape for the show where you do get to revisit your favorite characters moving forward.”

She added, “One of my favorite things to do is bring back a dead person to haunt you. So the door is wide open for everybody's favorite characters.”

You season 3 plot: what to expect

You season 3 will follow the events of the season 2 finale, in which Love described how she stalked Joe to make him fall in love with her (just as he stalked her). She also confessed to murdering Delilah, in addition to Candace. But to prevent Joe from killing her in return, Love revealed she was pregnant with his baby. 

The couple moved to the suburbs to have and raise their baby, but Joe’s obsessive fixation was already turning to their new neighbor. Staring at her from behind his fence, he said, “This is just the beginning. Because this is where I had to be exactly where I had to be to meet You."

Gamble explained that the final scene shows “Joe is still Joe in a way that's not going to be great for Joe …. It seems clear that he's falling into some version of that same pattern. I can't say that we know exactly what a season three would be, but I can say things won't go well for Joe.”

You season 3 theories: What's next?

While fans have speculated the neighbor is his mother, Badgley has debunked that theory. 

“She’s definitely not his mom,” he told Bustle. “I can say that.”

In an interview on SiriusXM, Badgley also teased that You season 3 will focus on Joe and Love’s relationship. 

“It’s set up so I think it’s actually kind of like an examination of marriage, in a way,” he said, adding, “He’s in the same kind of bind that I think every relationship sees at some point. The feelings of affection have gone. You’re frustrated with the imperfections of the other person. And you’re thinking to yourself, ‘How can this go on?’”

In addition, several plot threads from the two previous seasons remain dangling, such as Ellie’s whereabouts. Joe is still sending her money, but Ellie may not stay on the run for long. Fans have theorized that since Joe seems incapable of hurting a child, Ellie could be the one to finally bring him down. 

Though Forty was shot and killed, his script adaptation of Beck’s novel, The Dark Face of Love, is still floating around and could be turned into an actual film — threatening to expose Joe.

And fans will be glad to learn that You season 3 won’t be the last, as long as Netflix wants more.

“I will say that we have a lot of stories still to tell,” Gamble said. “I am not scared at all of saying that we definitely could follow Joe for several more seasons.”

Is there a You season 3 trailer? 

No, You season 3 does not have a trailer yet. 

So far, Netflix has only released a video announcing the show’s renewal.

See you soon, neighbor. YOU S3 is coming. 14, 2020

You season 3 set photos: what we’ve seen so far  

Showrunner Sera Gamble shared a photo to celebrate the start of filming on You season 3:

We’ve started work on season 3. Just thought you’d want to know. #YouNetflix 7, 2020

Of course, the pic doesn't reveal much. But check back for more updates as filming on You season 3 continues.

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