Increasingly, men prefer short hair - fashionable, stylish, youth! But before you choose a car, it is recommended to explore all the features of the components for cutting hair. It is important to take into account the parameters of the cutting blades, performance, and so forth. The only way you'll be happy to operate the instrument at home.

How to choose a firm hair clippers

tools market for stylists, hairdressers crowded. Every manufacturing company supplies on the shelves and heaped advanced model. Hairdressers are advised to buy an instrument leading brands, despite the fact that the shearing is carried out once in 1-1,5 months.

Among the most popular are the following companies:

  • «Polaris»;
  • «Moser»;
  • «Rowenta»;
  • "BaBuliss";
  • «Philips»;
  • «Panasonic».

Do not be fooled into thinking that these dear hairdresser equipment manufacturers. For use in the home you will find a suitable option pricing policy.

Variety of hair clippers

Before choosing a hair clipper, study variations, positive and negative "side of the coin" in the operation at home.


№1. vibration

An inexpensive embodiment which is characterized by low productivity (9-15 watts). Lineup of the variety is not intended for long haircuts. After 15-25 minutes, the appliance stops working, spontaneously arranging vacation.


  • affordable pricing;
  • lightness (by weight);
  • quite volumetric equipment;
  • presence of removable blades (on some models).


  • unpleasant vibration during operation;
  • short duration of shearing session;
  • low productivity (capacity);
  • not suitable for extremely thick stacks.

If you do not have an average budget, this type of machines suitable. In all other cases, read on.

№2. rotary machine

Almost all professional masters of the field of hairdressing prefer to work with cars of rotary type. The thing high power, which varies within 20-45 watts, depending on the model. Also present cooling system, so the device can use a long time (50-60 minutes) in a single session. But before choosing a rotary clipper, read the information with regards to her at home.



  • quickly disassembled, cleaned and lubricated;
  • suitable for any head of hair stiffness;
  • high performance;
  • reliability;
  • Operating duration;
  • rich equipment;
  • possibility of washing under the tap;
  • no vibration;
  • does not cling hair, clipped them quickly.


  • pricing is above average;
  • a lot of weight;
  • expensive repair in case of breakage.

As can be understood from the above, the advantages of the variety of instruments far exceed the potential disadvantages.

№3. Rechargeable machine

There are rotary and vibration. A distinctive feature of the models of such a plan is to have built-in rechargeable battery. It is not removed, charging is carried out from the outlet. Some cars-hybrids have included an additional cable.

Devices are suitable for short duration procedures, such as edging, mowing children's hair, remove hair on the neck. Depending on type and duration of operation varies in the autonomous mode (rotary machine is 2-9 hours, vibration - 10-25 minutes).


  • convenient to change the nozzle;
  • stand-alone operation;
  • low weight (0.15-0.3 kg.);
  • low vibration;
  • high-quality insulation.


  • insufficient capacity (up to 12 W);
  • poor performance when the battery is low.

So how to choose a car is not always easy, it makes sense to consider a battery technology for cutting hair. It can be used not only at home, but also trips, flights and so on.

machine parameters for cutting hair

Guide instrument type, engine performance, variation and number of nozzles, the material of their manufacture, the external indicators and ergonomics.

№1. Power

1. Low performance devices with power up to 10 W, not suitable for cutting hard men's hair. This machine hardly proberotsya through thick strands, they will pull and deliver tremendous discomfort.

2. Low power tool (10 W) makes sense to consider to bring in order child soft hair. It is also suitable for cutting thin hair of elderly people, creating Canticle, podbrivaniya neck and the temporal part.

3. But if the goal is - to cut hard men strands, which are also more twisted and need machine capacity from 20 to 30 watts. Its further use and beard.

№2. types of knives


Allocate accessories knives 3 types:

  • stationary;
  • removable;
  • adjustable.

What machines provide these tips:

1. Often, vibrating machines are supplied with fixed bottom blade, with the upper remain mobile. Recent put forward a few millimeters forward by a small lever.

2. Such a move is quite convenient, just a haircut nalyso you will not succeed. Vibratory machines do not provide. On the head will still be light stubble. Therefore it is necessary to know how to choose a hair clipper properly.

3. As for the battery and rotary models, the manufacturers have considered an important factor. Machines are supplied with a set of knives from 1 to 42 mm. At home, you can experiment.

№3. material knives

The material from which the blades shearing depends directly quality. Also a good alloy does not allow the blades to quickly blunt.

1. In fiscal machines knives are made of inexpensive alloy and no special spray. On such models is difficult to sharpen the blades. But the blunt knives happens quite quickly. As a result, the hair torn out.

2. Lineup high price category comes with blades made of ceramics. These blades do not heat up during operation. Blades last a very long time, they do not need natachivat. Ceramic non-irritating, because it is hypoallergenic.

3. On sale you can find machines with a set of knives that are covered titanium sputtered. Such models is recommended to cut the children who are prone to allergies or have hypersensitive epidermis.

4. One of the most expensive machines is considered to be a model that is equipped with a knife with a diamond coating. These blades can shear the most stringent hair easily.

№4. Material housing typewriter

Thinking, how to choose a car, do not forget about the material from which the body is carried out. Hair clippers, these indicators are important in the operation of equipment in the home.


Machine with plastic housing has a small weight. They are lightweight, easy to use. The downside is that these models are not experiencing a hard fall.


More expensive versions of machines are delivered with impact resistant housing, which is made from lightweight metal alloy. The presented models are strong, it is difficult to bring down.

№5. ergonomic machines



The handle should be comfortable with rubberized straps. It will not allow the machine to slide in the hand.


Do not assume that the switch - not as an important part of the machine. Ideally located lever is the place for your thumb, which you will cut.

№6. Additional options clippers

Thinking, how to choose a hair clipper, should take into account that the majority of well-known manufacturers take care of their clients. Quality instruments are supplied with non-standard functions. Thanks to this machine to use at home much more comfortable.

wet cleaning

Presented feature allows you without removing the nozzle to clean it under running water after use. These machines are available with a waterproof casing. So do not worry, that moisture can penetrate and damage the mechanism.

hair collector

Some manufacturers have equipped the machine a little "cleaner". Option collects cut hair. Hair fall into a separate container. The principle of operation can be compared with the mower, which collects grass in a special bag.

Auto Cleaning

More expensive models provide a self-cleaning option. Such machines will suit those who do not want to bother yourself with cleaning nozzle after use.

battery indicator

Some wireless models are available with the function of the battery warning. Special indicator light tells you the time you need to recharge the device.

Summing up the results of the selection clippers


1. In search of answers regarding how to choose the machine, it is important to define the purpose. If you are a novice master, hair clippers relatives or friends at home, give preference to the vibration model. Power machines should be from 12 to 15 watts. The blades must be made of steel.

2. Time to trim your hair fringing men, purchase the battery capacity model from 7 to 12 watts. The blades must be made of stainless steel. If you travel a lot or often go on business trips, consider a rotary model. She's charge lasts longer.

3. If you strizhote friends and relatives who have thick and hard hair type, it is necessary to purchase an expensive rotary model. The blades must be retractable, the power unit ranges from 20 to 25 watts. Prefer the simplest design.

4. For professionals with a large flow of customers are advised to purchase a rotary machine. In such a model should be the maximum power and high frequency movement of the blades. Knives should be ceramic or diamond-coated. Give preference to the metal casing.

Choosing a good attribute depends on a variety of options of the material and manufacturing components. Therefore it is necessary to understand how to choose a hair clipper. After reviewing all the features, we can draw some conclusions. If you are going to get a haircut only at home, do not overpay for unnecessary options.