When planning to change the image, not necessarily to resort to aggressive chemical agents. In today's article we will look at how to lighten your hair by using the means at hand at home. That the procedure took place without damage to the hair and quickly, it is important to adhere to the instructions and do not violate the duration of exposure.

The methods quickly and without harm to lighten your hair

All the stuff listed funds can give unpredictable shade, if you plan to lighten already colored hair. Please note that color may leave in yellowness, green, blue and so on. Considered safe lighting only strands with native shade.

№1. gidroperit

1. Method staining blond sufficiently aggressive. Resort to it only to owners of healthy hair. Buy pills at the pharmacy can be.

2. Thus, the unit 2 connect the drug with 15 ml. purified water. Shake components, type 2 ml. ammonia and 25 grams. your usual shampoo.

3. Distribute the composition over all the strands, the amount increases with the same aspect ratios, if necessary. After 7 minutes, rinse and dry the hair naturally.

№2. chamomile broth

1. Chamomile in its composition is a natural clarifier. Purchase a inflorescence in the pharmacy. Dial glass raw materials mixed with 1 l. water and leave for 1.5 hours.

2. Before you lighten your hair this way at home, you need to filter the broth. Carry out the procedure without damage to the hair need to quickly: put the broth so that it soaked all the locks.

3. Wrap film head, go about their business. After 2 chasa rinse without using foaming agents. Vote result.

№3. Hydrogen peroxide

1. The hair should be dirty, so before the procedure do not wash your hair for about 2 days. Comb your hair, brush your skin at the temples and forehead with a fat cream.

2. Prepare a clarifier, combining 60 grams. shampoo, 60-70 ml. peroxide, 50-60 ml. ammonia, 60 ml. water. Work through the first head, and then the crown, the lateral portion.

3. Leave the hair in this state, and observe the results. Rinse off, repeat the procedure again (if you want to tone lighter). Rinse with shampoo and dry.

№4. Soda

1. Sift powdered soda. Volume should be enough to work through the entire head of hair. Connect the particulate composition with mineral water to obtain a paste.

2. Treat it dirty hair, departing from the root section of 0.5 cm. Wrap the head, creating the effect of steam.

3. The question regarding how to lighten hair soda at home is extremely important to maintain the proper spacing. Without damage to the hair mush hold half an hour, then wash off quickly.

№5. Cinnamon

1. This option is suitable to owners of fine hair who want to get a dazzling blonde. Cinnamon nourishes and whitens the locks, nourishing them from within and rarely gives unpredictable results.

2. Connect pre-sifted powder is one of the ingredients (choice) yogurt / serum, cucumber juice, honey, lemon juice, coconut oil. Stir the components to a state of emulsion.

3. Carefully go over the hair brush, implement the application, step back a little from the roots. Hair wrap in cellophane, Race against the clock 30-45 minutes. Rinse off, if necessary, perform another session after 2 days.

№6. Honey

1. Pure honey in nature serves excellent clarifier. With this you get healthier hair from the inside, will attach them shine, get the effect of burned hair.

2. If beekeeping product candied, to heat it in a water bath. Ordinary honey a little warm. Spread on a clean and dry tresses, rub.

3. Repack film head Race against 1 to 4 hours. Repeat the procedure if necessary, carried out after 3 days. To enhance the effect, you can add lemon juice and cinnamon (optionally).

№7. Lemon

1. Before you lighten your hair by this method at home, it is important to ensure that the procedure will take place without harm to the hair and skin. Apply the product to the area behind the ear, and after 30 minutes rinse off quickly. If there is no rash, start manipulation.

2. Now for preparing the mixture. Lower boiling in 2 juicy lemon Race against 2 minutes. Then cut and squeeze out all the juice. Connect it in a ratio of 2: 1 with olive oil, warm.

3. Warm composition spread on unwashed hair, insulated head turban (film + towel). Race against at least 2 hours, rinse and evaluate the results of clarification.

№8. Kefir

1. Thousands of comments on the forums prove kefir efficiency in matters of clarification. must be taken exclusively farm home to get blonde (!) a fermented milk drink.

2. The technique of using simply nowhere: Apply to clean hair composition, pack cellophane mop and wait for up to 5 hours. Rinse off, repeat the lighting through the day.

Home remedies are not as effective as purchased, but its result is given. It should be understood that the 3 tones you do not lighten up for 1 time. It requires systematic and regular.