If you start from the views trichologists, falling to 100 hairs a day refers to the norm. In all other cases it is desirable to use folk remedies developed from hair loss. In women, it is very common problem that requires an immediate solution. Let's see what we can do and how to use tools at home.

Folk remedies for hair loss - the best recipes

The duration of exposure masks should not be more than 20 minutes, especially for recipes with aggressive components. To enhance the effect of funds maintained under the hood of film and towels. Used traditional recipes three times a week.

№1. Yolk with honey

Carefully peel 2-5 chicken egg yolks and bring them to room temperature. The amount selected according to the length of the shocks. For each type the yolk 15 gr. honey. Stir, perform application and wrap his head. This mask is included in the exclusion list because it is maintained for 30-40 minutes.

№2. Mustard with castor oil

Sift powdered mustard, measure 30 c. Combine with water to obtain a paste. Type 15 ml. castor oil and 25 g. honey. Spread the roots and begin to massage. Rub the mixture 5 minutes, then Bundle up and note another quarter hour.

№3. Pepper with honey

Folk remedies with pepper enhance the flow of blood to the head, so the use of hair loss in women. For applying the following recipe is suitable in the home: 4 connect pinch red pepper with 30 ml. olive oil. Rub into the roots, wrap your head and note quarter of an hour.

№4. Nettle

Nettle leaves (100 g.) Pour 250 ml. vodka. Leave the raw material in a sealed jar in a dark place for 15 days. Daily shake components. Then filter, rub into the roots of every night and leave until morning.

№5. pepper tincture

Purchase a tincture of pharmacy. Measure 15 ml., Connect with 50-60 ml. vegetable oil and a little warm. Rub into the basal section and leave it under the hood of a third hour.

№6. Bread with herbal decoction

Take 200 grams. rye bread, we need only the flesh. Mix with any herbal decoction, to get rather thin mass. Leave on for 25-30 minutes. When making a water treatment facility, apply massage and wait for a third hour. As a result, the hair will be cleared in full, and the structure will receive a set of necessary substances. Rinse with unheated water.

№7. Egg with carrot juice

Folk remedies help for hair loss in women is not worse than purchased. For this beat egg yolk and admixed thereto 120 ml. carrot juice, 30 ml. lemon juice and the same amount of olive oil. Stir composition. Means you need to use at home as a normal shampoo.

№8. Healing herbs

Purchase at the pharmacy herbal sage, plantain, chamomile, nettle, and oregano. Boil 30 grams. raw material in 300 ml. boiling water. Wait for the infusion of about 1 hour. Strain the remedy and rub into the root area. Dampen a clean cloth in the infusion cotton wrap her head. Nestle polyethylene and towel. Must wait for at least 2 hours. Rinse tresses solution of water and apple vinegar. To 1 liter. water for 50 ml. vinegar.

№9. Burdock root and bacon

Pour 60 oz. burdock 0.5 liters. boiling water. After boiling, simmer it ended on a lazy fire. Make sure that the liquid amount was reduced in half. Pour in the broth remains of pottery. Add approximately the same amount of fat. Cover the bowl with a lid and place in the oven. Tomita at 120 degrees 3 h. After cooling, the ointment should be rubbed into the root zone every day. Flush a small amount of shampoo with warm water.

№10. calamus root

Connect a heat-resistant capacity of 0.5 liters. apple cider vinegar and 100 grams. Calamus roots. Boil after boiling on low heat for a third hour. After cooling strain. Use as a rinse after each shampooing.

Folk remedies have long proved themselves. The systematic application allows you to get rid of hair loss in women. All components can be easily purchased and cook them an effective means in the home.