HEXiT14 July 2015 00:17

what are these vulnerability and how do they affect us?. most of the content i consume is flash based so some insight would be useful rather than just saying flash bad. kill flash. aslo what do they replace it with? silverlight?, hahaha NO!.

hydrodane14 July 2015 17:32

WINDOWS 10 tech preview: for those who are using the "new" operating system, BEWARE!!
it is not possible with the new WIN10 to disable and it is not possible to uninstall adobe flash player (18X) from the oeprating
MS has made it obvious they want adoble flash to support edge/spartan...but it is also clear that HTML5 works just find with IE11
and prior versions.
what this shows me, is that MICROSOFT is hoping you don't notice as they experiment with your security..
if you think WIN10 is secure, think again..
here is my prediction for 2015/16: massive market shift to apple and google products as windows heaves it last sighs of heavy
handed heavy gutted nonsense on the market.
and about time, this creature called microsoft was a joke ten years ago...it is not shocking they want to ship adobe flash ..and

make it impossible to remove it.
think about it..
the most widely distributed operating system vendor in the world, insisting that adobe flash is important.
think clearly about what they are really doing here...
and move away...very fast..very far.
it will die..I give it six months.

webworkings20 June 2016 05:15

Alas, so much uses Adobe Flash Player that removing it completely also limits a lot of things you can access online. Many things use it.


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