Google's Pixel 2 might have yet another problem in what has become a major concern for the company's future smartphone efforts.

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More than 100 people on the company's Google Pixel product forums are complaining of an odd "clicking" sound whenever they use the smartphone's speakerphone. According to users, the sound is high-pitched and appears to only happen during calls. But it's an annoying sound that doesn't stop unless, in some cases, users turn off the near-field communication features inside the smartphone.

Judging by the responses in the forums, the problem appears to affect the Google Pixel 2 far more often than the Pixel 2 XL. While some have called it a clicking noise, others say it might just be a high-frequency tone. And for those who didn't fix it with the near-field communication fix, others said sometimes they can turn it off by flicking off Wi-Fi.

Google's Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL launched last week to considerable fanfare. But since their launch, the smartphones have come under fire for a rash of problems, including reports that the Pixel 2 XL's

screen is too dull. There have also been reports of the smartphone's display causing burn-in.

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Those reports have put a damper on what has been otherwise called an impressive smartphone line from Google. The devices have powerful features like Google Lens, and their cameras are outstanding. But with major flaws making headlines, it's possible that Google's sales opportunities have been stunted by the reported problems.

Google says that it's investigating problems, and did so again in the forums where users are complaining of the clicking noises. In the forums, Google requested that users contact its support team to discuss the apparent issue. According to one user who called Google support, the company offered to send over a replacement.

Still, it's unclear from the forums just how widespread the problem is and whether it can be fixed rather easily. Google has said in a statement to news outlets, including Engadget, that it's "looking into" the problem and will announce a response when it's identified the flaw.

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