Beautiful lush hair is considered to be the true pride of the girl. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of such a shock on the nature. How to cure hair from falling out, get rid of the sections and make a thicker? Should consider the preparation of masks, and concoctions at home. Also, we give the store and pharmacy facilities directional.

How to cure hair from falling out - find out the reasons

  • properly balanced diet;
  • avitaminosis;
  • frequent coloring, perming;
  • use a hair dryer and other Termopribor;
  • hormonal disbalance;
  • regular exposure nervous tension;
  • diseases of internal organs;
  • postpartum period (6-12 months).

Terms of use of hair loss

  • the mask needs to be done in the course of 1.5-2 months;
  • alternate different types of masks and decoctions;
  • I do in a week no more than three masks;
  • in parallel to take vitamins;
  • use professional shampoos against hair loss.

Homemade masks for hair from falling out



Dry mustard diluted in warm water to a thick cream. The resulting slurry was applied to the hair roots. Wrap film head and a towel to keep a quarter of an hour. Then thoroughly wash your hair. If you feel a strong burning sensation, remove makeup before.

Honey and lemon juice

Three tablespoons liquid honey connect with lemon juice (15-20 ml.) And applied at the roots. Wear on tape hair and wrap a towel. A quarter of an hour to be rinsed. In this way it is possible to cure hair from falling out, and to make thicker. Using this mask at home is carried out twice a week.

Burdock oil, honey, lemon juice

In equal proportions to put burdock oil, liquid honey and lemon juice. Rub at the roots. Walking with a mask must be within half an hour. Wash the hair with hot water.

Onion, garlic, yogurt

On a fine grater grate the onion and garlic in equal proportions. The resulting mixture was pour yogurt as to obtain a paste. Apply on the hair at the roots for 40 minutes. Wash thoroughly with hot water is not.

Egg yolk and honey

A couple of egg yolks mixed with the same amount of honey. Post a mask stand. Apply to the basal part of the hair and keep no more than half an hour. To wrap your head is not required. Wash your hair in warm water to stop.

Cosmetic clay, lemon juice, honey

Mix the two parts of lemon juice and honey liquid cosmetic with one part of clay. Apply at the roots on the quarter hour. Wash water is not very hot.

Aloe and honey

Several sheets of aloe crushed and mixed with liquid honey. Apply to the root zone and leave for an hour. Then wash in warm water moderation. If there is no aloe juice can be replaced or gel plants purchased at a pharmacy.

Black bread

Before you treat your hair, you need to know that the loss of great help bread. You will be able to restore them and make them thicker. At home, the agent prepared as follows: the crumb black bread to soak in water. The resulting slurry was applied at the roots. Walk with a mask can be up to 2 hours, after a period thoroughly cleaned.

Carrot juice and sour cream

In equal proportions to mix carrot juice and sour cream. Apply to the basal section. Roll up plastic bag and wrap a towel. Keep track of up to half an hour. Wash with warm water.

Homemade broth hair from falling out



The leaves are crushed, pour boiling water and cook for a quarter of an hour. Leave to infuse. After complete cooling to pour into a container with pump and applied to the hair a couple of times a day. Rinse off is not required.


plant root finely cut and add water, boil for about 3 minutes on medium heat. The resulting broth let it brew for a while. After will wash hair in the usual way, they should rinse it with broth.


Leaves of the plant pour boiling water and leave until cool. The resulting broth rinse your hair after you wash them again with shampoo.


Before cure of hair loss burdock and make thick, you must buy a Dried root. You can prepare it yourself at home. Burdock root pour hot water and boil for about one minute. The resulting broth insist about an hour. Rub the roots or rinse hair after the usual washing.


A couple of tablespoons of dried or fresh chopped herbs pour boiling water and leave for an hour. The cooled broth massaged gently strike at the roots. Hair wrap in foil and keep up to half an hour. Rinse off is not required.

Oak bark

Oak bark is used in powder form. A couple of spoons pour a glass of water, warmed in a water bath, but do not boil. Apply at the roots and leave for fifteen minutes. Wash with warm, not hot (!) Water.

Drugstore products for hair from falling out


A solution for external use "Silokast "

It is considered the most widely used tool in the fight against hair loss. Must be applied at the roots to the hook or every other day. Hold 2 should hour.

Shampoo and ampoules' Rinfoltil "

Shampoo to the hair, carefully rub into the roots, wash off after a couple of minutes. Shampoo suitable for regular washing. For best results it should be used together with ampoules of the same company. The contents of the vials is applied to dry scalp. You must apply every other day for 3-4 months.

Shampoo "Fawlty Pharma"

Apply to hair shampoo, rub into the roots of the region. After 3 minutes in a warm water rinse measure. Before you treat your hair from falling out in this way and make a thick, we test for the absence of skin allergy in the home.

Shampoo "Fitoaksil"

Directional means should be used twice for washing. You must distribute on wet hair until a rich foam in several stages.

Pills and shampoo "Selentsin"

Tablet put under the tongue and dissolve 3 times a day. This should be done either one hour before meals or after 45-60 minutes. Shampoo distribute on hair, rub the root part, keep a few minutes, then rinse with unheated water. Suitable for continuous use. Funds are homeopathic.

Lotion and pill "Hair Expert"

Lotion rubbed accurate movements in section roots frequency to 4 times a week. For 2 months minimum. Rinse off is not required. Tablets take 3 months to 1 unit of the morning and evening with meals.

Shop products for hair from falling out


Shampoo "Clean Line" nettle

Shampoo on the basis of this plant is considered to be an excellent tool in the fight against hair loss. Apply the product on wet hair, lather, hold a few minutes and rinse. It must be used in conjunction with balm-conditioned and masks.

Shampoo "Recipes grandmother Agafia"

Apply to wet hair, massage until foaming, leave for a short time and rinse hair with water. Suitable for daily use.

shampoo "VICHY»

The means may be suitable not for everyone, so before you treat your hair from falling out, give them volume and to make the thick, do test for allergies in the home. If all goes well, start washing the head. Distribute some shampoo on wet hair, lather, leave for a few minutes, and then wash with water. It is permitted for regular use. It is better to use the course.

Balsam conditioner Pantene "Thick and stronger"

Squeeze the foam from the bottle, to the hair, give soak for 5-7 minutes. Wash off with warm water in moderation. Use after will wash hair.

ampoule «Yves Rocher "with white lupine

To dry or dried roots of the hair to put the contents of the vials quarter. Massage movements rub in roots. Rinse off is not required.

shampoo "Clear"Protection against hair loss

The composition applied to the hair and leave for a couple of minutes. Rinse with hot water is not strong. It allowed for frequent use.

shampoo "AvonAdvanceTechnicues»

A bit of the composition applied to the hair, lather and leave for 3 minutes. Wash with warm water of. Suitable for the systematic (frequent) administration.

shampoo "NiveaHairRecharge»

A bit of money to put on the root of the length and to the middle. After a while, rinse. Suitable for frequent use.

Even if you do not have this problem, it is necessary in addition to know how to cure hair from falling out. With the above-stated means you will be able to moisturize the hair and make thicker. All masks, broths and purchased funds are suitable for use in the home. Better control of disease - is its prevention.