Home remedies must be used correctly in order to achieve maximum effect. Hair masks autographic cooking enjoyed unprecedented demand, they are often made with castor oil. The result is visible after the first session. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, examine all the details and will introduce you to the best variation means.

Subtleties use masks with castor oil

1. If you delete the wrong oil, the strands will be greasy. To avoid this, in the end of the procedure did not take the time to rinse with water head. First apply and lather shampoo, then wash it. Repeat steps 3-4, then the fat will not.

2. Hair Mask, cooked with castor oil, is designed for owners of dry, highly traumatized and split curls. It is not recommended categories of persons with bold type of hair, but can be used on normal and mixed hair.

3. Do not blindly believe that the domestic formulations harmless. They often provoke an allergic reaction. Therefore, before applying the mass swipe test crook of the elbow, to ensure no itching and redness.

4. Oil locks give all the valuable substances and will act quickly if before distributing it to the warm steam or water bath. Next, exposure is carried out under a cap of cellophane and warm cloth.

5. Hair masks are used over the entire length. Funds with castor oil is great effect on tips, so they required treatment. You also need to work through this section of the roots, gently rubbing the composition.

6. Ladies with dry and lifeless locks need to use masochki, at least every 3-4 days. People with a normal type of hair treatments are required twice a week.

7. With regard to the duration of the use of castor oil, this period is 2 months. Next, we should take a break of 10 days. cure is repeated if necessary.

The best mask with castor oil for hair


Do not allow hair to get used to the same facility. We will present you a lot of variations of masks, so alternate them. Try to harvest composition on a one-time use, do not store it in the refrigerator.

№1. For hair growth

Scroll through the bulb through a meat grinder or rub on a small grater. Move on several layers of bandage, squeeze the juice. Mix it with 50 ml. the warmed castor oil. Enter 2 raw egg yolks and turn means a homogeneous substance. Spread on unwashed scalp, after a light massage stretch down. Shook his head in cellophane, to warm towel. A quarter of an hour to remove.

№2. Against hair loss

hair mask made with castor oil and pepper tincture, enjoyed unprecedented demand. To prepare the composition, measure out 1 hour. l. tinctures and 3 tbsp. l. oil. Pour into a bowl and set on the water bath is heated to a warm state. Next, comb curls, run the application on the roots. Rub 3 minutes, then allowed to stand still 7 minutes.

№3. To strengthen the hair

Purchase ampoule vitamin E, need 1-2 pieces. Pour the contents into a bowl, add the same amount of castor oil. Rub mixture to the root section, perform intermittent massage. You will increase the blood flow that is best able to affect the stacks. Masochku should be left for 1-3 hours (overnight is allowed to withstand).

№4. To make the volume of the hair at the roots

If the strand is not to style, they lost in volume, look lifeless, they can be reanimated. Measure out 1 tablespoon. l. vodka / brandy, 3 connect with raw egg yolks and 30 ml. warm (not hot!) oil. Comb hair comb, then brush tool hair. Pack the hair in plastic and wait for 25 minutes.

№5. For smooth and shiny hair

Masks designed for the hair, you need to prepare properly. With castor oil blends well vysokozhirny kefir or yogurt. Measure 0.1 liters. fermented milk product and 40 ml. oil. Connect the ingredients, warm up to 40 degrees. Apply a thick layer on the hair, leave under polythene for 1.5 hours.

№6. For dry hair

To fully humidify strands, take a natural liquid yogurt (0.25 l.). Pour it into a bowl, add 60 ml. oil, set on a ferry or Construct a water bath. Warm up to a warm state. Coat the hair from the root to the ends of the section. Wait for all night, or at least 2 hr.

№7. For oily hair

Despite the fact that castor oil is not recommended for owners of oily shocks, it occasionally can be used (not more than 1 time per month). Measure 10 ml. oil, connect with 60 ml. lemon juice. Rub in the root section and not under the film hold third hour.

№8. For split ends

All hair masks, which are made with castor oil, are very effective. For nutrition mix tip 5 ml. castor oil and olive oil. Enter 2 drops of essential oil of vanilla. Apply a brush tip. Wait half an hour, the remnants of blot cloth.

№9. To restore moisture and hair

To the complex to improve the condition of hair, prepare the means of the following components. Take 30 ml. kvass, type 7 ml therein. burdock oil and castor oil. Priplyusuet 1 ml. vitamin B12. Apply the product to the unwashed hair. Insulated and note 1.5 hours.

№10. For fine and thin hair

A little warm 20 degrees. honey admixed castor oil 30 drops and 10 drops of glycerin. Rub the uniform composition into the root zone. Remains spread to the tips. Wrap film head and a scarf, Race against the clock for 40 minutes.

№11. Hair density

Dissolve 10 grams. mustard powder chamomile broth. You get a creamy consistency. Stir in 10g. starch and 10 ml. castor oil. Rub the pulp to the roots and will not last more than 7 minutes. The procedure of no more than 3 times a month.

№12. For the elasticity and shine of hair

Means good because it protects the hair from harmful environmental exposures. To cook it separately, mix 10 gr. dry yeast and a small amount of green tea. Wait 10 minutes. Type 10 ml. glycerine and 20 ml. castor oil. Apply the mask, wrap film. Leave overnight.

№13. For fragile hair

Warm 40 ml. castor oil. Stir 5 ml. Dimexidum and 20 drops of Vitamin A. Apply the product to the root zone of a sponge. Insulate and wait for half an hour. This remedy is especially recommended for the restoration of the painted hair.

Hair masks maintain locks in good condition. Funds with castor oil is excellent proven. With regular application, you quickly get rid of the immediate problems. Observe the frequency and carefully take care of the hair. Use high-quality detergent.