The epidermis has the ability to self-renew, but there are procedures to speed up natural processes. Scrub the scalp must be used without exception. It can be done at home or buy a ready-made. We recommend purchasing agent directed action, because it is designed taking into account the pH-balance and other factors.

The use of a scrub for the scalp

scraping procedure has the following advantageous properties:

  • normalizes the production of sebum, oily skin type transferring to the normal;
  • It eliminates the sebaceous plug in the channels, improving the skin's natural self-cleaning;
  • creates a double root volume;
  • It accelerates blood circulation and enriches the follicles are essential compounds;
  • improves growth, prevents the loss awakens the dormant bulbs;
  • prevent the early appearance of gray hair;
  • restores hair texture, cleans porosity and fragility;
  • removes dirt, sebum, dead skin particles of the epidermis;
  • fights dandruff and seborrhea;
  • It supports the natural pigmentation and color after dyeing;
  • It cleanses the hair and skin from the styler residues and other cosmetic products;
  • bulbs enriches oxygen;
  • prepares the scalp for the application of the mask.

Many people do not use a scrub for the scalp, not considering it a necessity. And for good reason. Systematic cleaning activities at home will help to preserve the beauty and strength of hair.

Rules for applying the scrub for the scalp

1. Permission is granted to use exfoliating compositions, if on the skin no wounds, microfractures, inflammatory processes.

2. Funds are distributed exclusively after shampooing. When excess fat due effect you will achieve.

3. To facilitate application, divide the whole shock of hair parting and process each row in turn. Avoid tangling.

4. After the application is not in a hurry to wash facility or massaging their skin. Race against the clock for 15 minutes, only then perform a light massage and removal.

5. Finally wash the hair with shampoo without sulfates. Balsam and the mask applied to optional but recommended.

6. With regard to the frequency of use of scrubs for normal skin type is enough time in 6-7 days to carry out the processing. People with greasy ringlets enough 1 time in 5 days, dry - 1 every 14 days.

7. Use can not be constantly scrub for the scalp. If you spend a restorative and cleansing treatment at home, apply it systematically 2.5 months. Next, take a month break.

8. In order not to provoke the leaching of pigment from the hair shaft and not to change the hue refrain from the use of exfoliating agents immediately after staining.

9. After lamination, keratirovaniya, Botox must wait at least 1 week, and only then start using skrabiruyuschih compositions.

10. Consider contraindications. Among the restrictions to exfoliation - excessively istonchonnaya skin, cancer, severe hair loss and baldness.

The most effective creams for scalp

We have compiled a list of purchased efficient compositions having good reviews. Read each scrub closer.

№1. Natura Siberica «buckthorn scrub the scalp"

Scrub the scalp of "Natura Siberika" refers to an available product, which is recommended to use at home. Composition cleaves tube and expels from the ducts, the skin needs to type of fat in normal. The basis are the amino acids, plant extracts, mineral-vitamin list of substances, mint and others. Organic composition and reasonable pricing make this scrub the best among peers.

№2. Carita «Revitalising Scrub for the Scalp»

Scrub scrub accelerates blood circulation and oxygenates the cells. Secures the bulb in place, efficiently removes residues of sebum and dead skin particles. Used in the slow growth of hair, prevents the formation of gray hair and creates an impressive volume of the root section. Active substances are microparticles jojoba and sunflower seeds.

№3. FarmaVita «AmethysteProfessional»

Exfoliation refers to a series of drug. It is used to cleanse the skin from a variety of cosmetics. Unique formula representing the microspheres gentle on the integument and dandruff. The basis of the included components, relieves irritation and severe itching.

№4. Kiehl's «Deep Micro-Exfoliating Scalp Treatment»

Scrub is designed for the scalp. Available in gel form with fine particles, so it is convenient to use at home. The most effective means for showing when applied to skin prone to fat. The main components are fine particles of walnut shells and apricot seeds, to provide a high purification. The action is supported by menthol, which soothes the epidermis and soothes irritation.

№5. Lebel «CoolOrangeScalpConditioner»

Cosmetics from the Japanese manufacturer has won recognition for a long time. Effective cleaner is suitable for all skin types, including dry. Besides powerful exfoliating properties courting means delicately epidermis and scalp. Scrub scalp has anti-inflammatory properties, is applied at an initial loss and poor growth strands. You can buy it through the Internet and in professional cosmetics stores.

№6. Barex «Joc Care Exfoliating gel»

Scrub off the dandruff of the scalp. During therapy at home should be combined exfoliator with medicated shampoos directional. Active components are jojoba beads, as well as trimethyl and witch hazel. Combined represented substances penetrate into the deeper layers of the dermis, suppress the activity of pathogenic microorganisms and purified epidermis.

№7. Kaaral «Purify Scrub cream»

Professional exfoliation, which acts as the basis for grinded walnut shells. Numerous consumer reviews prove effective in combating all types of pollution. Composition is aimed at improvement of the hair and skin. Active components act not only on the outside but on the inside and penetrating into the dermis. Means deep cleans and prepares the skin for further cosmetic measures.

№8. The Body Shop «Cleansing Hair Scrub»

Scrub the scalp is presented in the form of a shampoo. Bank convenient format allows you to easily use the tool in the home. The composition included sea salt, tea extract "Sencha", menthol, honey. During the purification procedure the soft tissues and a pleasant cooling.

№9. Davines «DetoxifyingScrubShampoo»

Cleansing shampoo is recommended to use the girls with weakened hair structure. As part of the present esters, which stimulate growth. Also means there is an artichoke extract with antioxidant effect. Shampoo is positioned as a therapeutic. Almost imperceptible granules gently removes dead skin particles and soothe the skin.

№10. Kerastase «Chronologiste Revitalizing Exfoliating Care Scalp»

Agent is in the form of revitalizing gommazha. The reducing gel comprises skrabiruyuschie particles. The advantage of the composition is that it does not dry the hair. A positive effect is achieved due to the presence of argan oil and bisabola.

№11. Alterna «Caviar Clinical Exfoliating Scalp Facial»

Scrub is designed for the scalp. It should be used at home against dandruff, increased sensitivity and irritation. The active substances act enzymes, salicylic acid, zinc pyrithione, panthenol. After washing the itching disappears. Means feeds the hair thanks to the extract of black caviar. Scrub allowed for everyday use.

№12. PaulMitchell «TeaTreeHairandScalpTreatment»

Peeling is recommended for problem skin. First means applied as a mask and held two minutes. Then, a light massage. Peeling has a cooling effect, soothe the skin due to the content of peppermint oil, lavender, tea tree, and panthenol.

№13. Collistar «TalassoScrubShampoo»

Exfoliating shampoo has a high efficiency. The sea salt acts as an active substance. While washing it dissolves quickly, there is a careful cleansing of the skin and curls. Shampoo foams well, they are allowed to replace the standard detergent.

Homemade scrubs scalp


Effective scrub for the scalp will prepare himself. To do this at home follow the simple guidelines.

№1. white henna

Prepare decoction of birch buds or burdock root. 0.5 liters. Take 50 g of boiling water. raw materials. Fill a bag ready means of colorless henna. Get on the mushy consistency of components. After cooling vsypte 1 tbsp. l. sugar. Massage rub, wear cosmetic cap, wrap your head warm scarf. After the third hour, remove.

№2. Honey and cinnamon

Connect in a cup for 2 tablespoons. l. ground cinnamon and candied honey. Stir 1 tbsp. l. sugar. Enter the warm up the olive oil that the mass was not too thick. Massage the head with scrub. Remains stretch hair. Wait for a third hour. Active ingredients strengthen the hair structure and activates the dormant follicles.

№3. Aloe

Turn in the pulp of the mature stalks of aloe. Mix with the same amount of sugar. Gently massage your skin, rubbing means. Wait 5-7 minutes. Ingredients recommended for dry and damaged strands to quickly restore them.

№4. Lemon

Lemon Scrub is ideal for scalp with high fat content. At home, use a simple recipe. Connect the tie lemon juice and sugar. Enter a couple of drops of orange ether. Means permitted in the absence of lesions on the skin. Do gentle massage for a few minutes.

№5. Cosmetic clay

Connect blue clay with sugar at a ratio of 1 to 3. Dilute any herbal decoction, to get a creamy mass. Rub the root zone. Remains spread to the tips. Wait a few minutes, remove.

If you want to achieve the best results, choose a professional scrub the scalp, it can be purchased in a beauty shop. It not only removes the stratum corneum, but also improve the condition of hair.