I don’t know how they do it, but these Russian guys keep getting units of the next Google phones. This time, YouTuber Rozetked recorded a new hands-on video of the notch attached to a phone otherwise known as the Pixel 3 XL:

Some impression highlights:

  • The back is very nice. It looks outstanding. Feels like glass.
  • It has metallic sides.
  •  The notch is gigantic and looks horrendous.
  • Not much has changed in the overall form factor compare to the Pixel 2 XL, but the screen is “significantly bigger.”
  • Another bad point: the Pixel 2 XL lens doesn’t protrude from the its backplane, like the 3 XL. This makes the 3 XL wobble when you place it on its back on a desk while the 2XL stays flat against it.
  • The haptic feedback is very nice, at the same level of the iPhones.
  • The wireless charging works nicely.
  • He claims the Pixel 3XL camera seems is better than the Note 9 and the iPhone XS.

Rozetked then goes on to talk about the device that every Pixel fan is waiting for, a fabled device called the new “Google Pixel Ultra.” He goes on to say that this phone

may have “the most beautiful, edge-to-edge” screen and Google may blow us all away… or not. He believes that his theory may be true, but if not, that’s ok, he’s happy either way.

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Which makes me wonder: Do these Russian guys with production units of the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have access to this magical Ultra beast? Perhaps they don’t want to spoil the surprise? Maybe they are just looking for clicks and subscribes?

Well, they got mine now.

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