Are you looking for a girlfriend but you just don't have what it takes to actually get one? If so, then a new iPhone app from South Korea developer Nabix may just be your ticket to a lonely-free lifestyle.

Called "Honey It's Me!" the $1.99 app provides a 20-something virtual girlfriend named Mina-- one made of actual flesh and bone-- that calls and leaves video messages four times a day. Mina will also shower the lonely heart with additional love messages-- from a library of 100 clips recorded by the model-- throughout the day including "Good night, sweet dreams" and "Are you sleeping? It's time for breakfast!"

"I've developed this application to console people for their loneliness," Kim Yoon-Kak, head of Nabix told AFP.

According to Kim, "Honey It's Me!" raked in 80,000 downloads a day when it was originally launched as a free app on November 30, however he admitted that usage has declined since the $1.99 fee was set in place. Kim plans to allow free downloads again starting this week.

Although the app is currently available in South Korea only, Nabix plans to launch "Honey It's Me!" worldwide with English, Chinese and Japanese messages packed in two versions: the current free model and a $1.99 version offering longer messages.

Nabix also plans to release an Android version sometime thereafter. Time to set aside two bucks.

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