Now more than a year into its lifespan, Apex Legends has reached the dozen-character mark with the arrival of the sinister, unrelenting Revenant. Once known as the greatest hitman of the malicious Syndicate, Hammond Robotics saved Revenant from the jaws of death, only to purge everything that made him human.

Now seeking vengeance, Revenant spends his days hunting those who betrayed him. He will stop at nothing to exact his revenge — regardless of the cost, or the Legends who stand in his path.

For players looking to master Revenant, we’ve put together a handy collection of tips to make the most of the bloodthirsty barbarian.

revenant apex legends
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Tactical – Silence

Revenant throws a mechanical device that sets off an explosion on contact, dealing 10 damage, and disabling an enemy's tactical and ultimate abilities. The move takes 25 seconds to charge, and also leaves a lingering cloud for approximately six seconds.  

Silence is most useful for attacking groups of enemies, particularly if you complement the skill with some grenades. Due to Silence's small radius, you need to hurl the gadget as close as you can to competitors before following up with an ambush.

revenant apex legends
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Passive - Stalker

The Stalker move enhances climbing considerably. Revenant can scale small walls 25 percent faster, and can walk at his normal speed while crouching.

Thanks to the Stalker ability, Revenant is great for stealth, and can quickly sneak up on unsuspecting enemies. Seeing this death machine crab-walking toward you can be a freaky and off-putting experience.

revenant apex legends
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Passive - Low Profile

Low Profile, on the other hand, makes Revenant more difficult to hit. However, this ability also increases any incoming damage by five per cent.

Because of Low Profile, Revenant is much better off going for an all-out attack than a planned, defensive approach. He is an aggressive fighter who benefits most by being on the frontlines.

revenant apex legends
(Image credit: EA)

Ultimate – Death Totem

With a charge time of 180 seconds, Revenant’s Death Totem lasts for 30 seconds and allows both Revenant and his teammates to return to the sacred object if they're killed in battle. This ability affects each player only once, and changes your avatar into a shadowy version of itself. Bear in mind that you won't have access to shields during this time.

As long as a player remains within a radius around the totem, he or she will continue to benefit from Death Totem. If the player leaves the highlighted zone, however, he or she will no longer be protected by the ability.

As the Death Totem takes a decent chunk of time to charge, it’s worth saving the ability until the right moment strikes. Hear enemy shooting nearby? Place the totem next to your comrades and go to work. Just be aware that when downed, and thus returned to the totem, players will have only one HP. Furthermore, you cannot use health-restoring items while under the protection of Death Totem.

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Revenant's playstyle favors offense, making him well-suited to leading the team forward. Therefore, aggressive weaponry compliments his overall loadout. Firearms such as the EVA-8 Auto, Peacekeeper, L-Star EMG, R-99, Mastiff shotgun and Wingman are all good choices.

If worse comes to worst, due to his increased pace when crouched, Revenant can also work well in solo play. When he's with teammates, it can be useful for Revenant to sneak up on enemies while squad mates make their entrances from the rear.

(Image credit: EA)

Revenant team combinations

Enemy infiltration - Bangalore, Wattson and Revenant

Offensive high tier - Wraith, Revenant and Pathfinder

Death defense - Caustic, Wattson and Revenant

Speed force- Octane, Revenant and Wraith

Analyze and strike - Revenant, Crypto and Lifeline

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