Famed high-end camera maker RED plans to release a premium smartphone with a starting price of $1,200. Called Hydrogen One, RED promises this phone will have features well worth the price tag, starting with a holographic display.

Hyrdogen One (Credit: RED)
(Image credit: Hyrdogen One (Credit: RED))

As described by RED, the Hydrogen One’s 5.7-inch, high-definition screen will be able to switch between traditional 2D images as well as holographic mulit-view content, 3D objects and interactive games. The idea sounds like the Hydrogen One will provide some of the experience you’d get wearing 3-D glasses — only without the glasses.

Audio is a big part of that immersive experience as well. RED says the Hydrogen One will use an H30 algorithm to converts stereo into dimensional audio.

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The Hydrogen One will also allow modular attachments, similar to features seen on the Moto Z and the yet-to-ship Essential Phone. Unlike those phones, the Hydrogen One will put its focus on image capture, working with RED’s digital cinema lineup.

RED will offer two versions of the Hydrogen One — one in aluminum that starts at $1,195 and an even pricier titanium version that costs $1,595.

Some caveats about the phone: The preliminary design that accompanies the press release is subject to change. And RED says its initial price quote may not hold up by the time Hydrogen One hits store shelves. Despite this statement, RED is taking pre-orders for the Hydrogen One, which is set to reach the public by early 2018. However, RED said it won’t be able to fill all orders on time “due to display production limitations.” Modular attachments won’t be available at launch, either.

If the price tag doesn’t scare you away, the Hydrogen One sounds like an impressive smartphone for photography and cinema fanatics. Though exact specs have yet to be announced, YouTube vlogger Marques Brownlee tweeted that the phone will offer a textured grip-friendly design, headphone jack, USB Type-C and microSD ports.

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