Did you pop for MC Hammer or Bryan Cranston? That's what we're wondering after watching the Super Bowl commercials of 2020. So, we've collected all the ads worth talking about, and order them from best to worst. Why supply both? Well, cringe value, and to wonder how much these companies wasted on this ad time.

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1. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend throw a party, and there's a Genesis car there or something

Beloved famous couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend poked fun at themselves in this ad about throwing a ritzy party. The ad is ostensibly about how the Genesis car brand is "new luxury," but I swear we won't remember who they are by the end of the week. Instead, we'll remember Legend asking his wife to say "sexiest man alive."

2. Hyundai Sonata: "Smaht Park"

The best of the night so far, this clip is still too funny to just be a commercial. Basically a G-rated version of star Rachel Dratch's "Sully and Denise" SNL bits with Jimmy Fallon — this clip takes a cool car feature and turns on its head. Because what's better than a car that can park itself in narrow situations? 

Crazy New Englanders, and one of their favorite athletes. That's what.

3. Jeep: Bill Murray's stuck in Groundhog Day, again

Faster than you can say "Ned Ryerson!" or remember how to spell "Punxsutawney" Bill Murray's frown will put a smile on your face. Yes, Jeep and the comedy legend are taking advantage of Super Bowl 2020 landing on the same day as, well, Groundhog Day. 

4. "Hey Google, remind me about Loretta"

If you want to feel all the feels and cry a bit, then Google's got the Super Bowl commercial for you. It starts off with an older man, off camera, searching "How to not forget" on Google, which tells him to repeat details. Then, we hear him as Google for photos of himself and Loretta. He laughs, and if you're not already getting choked up, consult a local physician, because I'm unsure about your pulse. A trail of Google Assistant-captured reminders related to his life with Loretta scroll down the screen, and we're all getting choked up. 

5. Mr. Peanut is dead no more

Once the biggest story in advertisement, then put on pause for respect to those who died in the helicopter accident that took Gigi and Kobe Bryant, the #RIPeanut ad campaign ended kinda predictably: a baby Mr. Peanut emerging from the soil. This way, the Kool Aid guy and Mr. Clean don't have to shed many tears, and then after this baby nut squeaked like a dolphin, he revealed that he's still actually Mr. Peanut.

6. Cheetos fans can't touch any responsibility

This, is why we watch for Super Bowl commercials. MC Hammer teamed up with Cheetos to show that anyone with orange-dust-clad hands doesn't have to actually help anyone. A great wholesome and bizarre message. Oh, and yes there's a new product at the core of this: Cheetos Popcorn. 

7. The Marvel Studios Disney Plus shows sizzle reel: The Falcon and The Winter Solider, Wandavision and Loki

We're gonna spend days over-analyzing these small snippets, aren't we? Personally, I'm excited for Wandavision, which looks weird in great ways.

8. Porsche's The Heist

Automobile giant Porsche spent 2 decades not making Super Bowl ads, and it's coming back with a fury with this fun and cinematic car chase video. Featured vehicles include 917K, Carrera GT, 918 Spyder, 911 RSR and 718 Cayman GT4. Oh, and they're joined by a new addition: the fully-electric Taycan. 

9. F9: Fast & Furious 9 means catching cars

Yep, you know the drill. Some of the old Fast family (Vin Diesel and Ludacris and Helen Mirren), and some new Fast family (John Cena), and it's not the beautiful cries of Hallelujah! The big deals are the crazy stunts, as it looked like Dom (Diesel) might have caught a flying car — or at least one landed at him and didn't knock him over — and a car with Dom and Letty was caught by a wire of some sort, to save it from flying into the abyss.

10. Jason Momoa: bald guitarist

This was not what I expected when teaser trailers of Momoa in a tub hit earlier. In this clip we saw the former Khal Drogo remove his hair and muscles and become a bizarro version of the Aquaman we thought we knew.

11. Maisie Williams and Audi try to "let it go"

Nothing entirely genius, but a nice rendition of a song we've all heard too many times, from someone we have been missing for months.

12. Jimmy Fallon and John Cena sweat for Michelob Ultra

This will be adapted into a movie in 2029. Don't believe me, fine.

13. Lil Nas X meets The Lebowski's cowboy for Doritos

I thought I was Old Town Road'd out. The hit song of 2019 is still alive, though, and coming from Sam Elliott (yes, the cowboy from The Big Lebowski) of all people. Elliott (who recited lyrics in a trailer for this ad) spent this minute-long spot in a dance-off with Lil Nas X himself. 

14. Tide - What if later never comes?

I bring a Tide pen when I'm worried I'll drip queso on myself at the movies, but what do you do when you're at a party and someone smashes a handful of sauce on your shirt? That question haunts Charlie Day (It's Always Sunny). The verdict? You can wait TidePods do the trick. I'll need some third party testing. 

This ad never ended, with multiple chapters taking place throughout the night, ending with Charlie in old age.

15. Bud Lite Selzer ft. Post Malone remix

I never thought we'd get a version of the Inside Out movie focused on Post Malone, but then again I would have bet against a Bud Light Seltzer ad. Weird, and kinda lovable, right?

16.  Sabra, #HowIMuss

Add "hummus-dipping" to pro wrestler Ric Flair's list of credentials, as this celebrity-stacked ad featured everyone from T-Pain to Scary Spice to Urkle dipping pita chips in Sabra hummus. Even Megan Thee Stallion is 'mussin.

17. Black Widow's Super Bowl trailer has us hyped

ScarJo, Harbour and Pugh. Those are the three recognizable names that turn big explosions and chase scenes into something many of us know we'll be going to see in theaters.

18. Here's Mountain Dew Zero!

Does all Mountain Dew Zero and no vegetables make you go crazy? The jury's out, but it was nice to see Bryan Cranston do his best Jack Torrance impression. Tracee Ellis Ross as Wendy.

19. Tom Brady's for Hulu

Yes, Tom Brady wasn't teasing a retirement when he posted a black and white photo to Twitter. He was just getting ready to hype Hulu's non-sports coverage. And fans of every other sports team around the world groaned.

20. Snickers' dumb idea to fix the dirty world

I cackled as a smart speaker taunted humanity after a wisecrack about the surveillance state, and I even kinda smiled when the ad's big idea to fix the world turned out to be "drop a giant Snickers bar into the planet."

21. Walmart got Bill, Bill, R2D2 and C-3PO

One half of the Wyld Stallions and two of Star Wars' biggest droids is all I need to give Walmart some credit. Oh, and if you blinked at the start you missed the USS Enterprise.

22. Dashlane knows you can't remember your password hint answers

What's the point of being good enough to get into heaven if it's behind a password you can't remember? I'm asking myself this question after seeing password manager Dashlane's funny new ad.

23. Top Gun: Maverick

I'm as shocked as you are to hear it, but even though I have never seen Top Gun, this big game spot got me actually kinda interested in seeing if Tom Cruise still has it. How'd they do it? White-knuckle level fighter jet action sequences laid in riveting sequence. Good job, Maverick, now make it a whole movie.

24. "Be there in a Quibi"

This ad does less to tease the upcoming Quibi streaming service's content than it does to explain their premise. A particularly lazy bank heist wheelman reveals he'll drive the car to his buddies in "a quibi" aka 10 minutes or so. Oh, and we see Chance the Rapper (who's doing a Punk'd reboot for Quibi) on a phone.

25. Rick and Morty are trapped in a Pringles spot

No, the Adult Swim animated series didn't learn its lesson after the McDonald's Szechuan Sauce incident: Rick and Morty are back in the food business. In this teaser for the upcoming Super Bowl ad, a cyborg version of Morty tells a classroom of 20 other cyber-Mortys that Cheddar, BBQ Wavy and Sour Cream Onion chips combine to a "3 layer dip stack," which sounds like Pringles' version of a Super Bowl dip platter. They all repeat the statement back, and it seems like a full trailer, revealing a new R&M-related flavor, is going to be announced at the Super Bowl. CNN reports these will be Pickle Rick-themed chips, which ... I'm not so sure about this, Rick.

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