Advancements in mobile technology in the past few years have allowed some amazing games to be put out on the mobile platform. Unfortunately, thus so far, no company's been able to find an effective solution to a portable, universal gaming controller for phones and tablets. Plenty of products have tried putting their hat in as solutions, but have been failed to be adopted, resulting in an abundance of mobile gaming controllers with shoddy software support.

Mad Catz is putting its hat into developing mobile gaming peripherals with its new GameSmart initiative. Using Bluetooth Smart technology, these gaming peripherals will have compatibility with most smart devices, be they Windows, Android, or iOS tablets.

The goal is to create easy-to-use peripherals for users, while giving developers the benefit of standardization.

"There are a number of point-to-point solutions in the market today that provide proof of concept, but the industry needs an agnostic operating system solution to provide standardization, ease of implementation and scalability," said Mad Catz president and CEO Darren Richardson. "With our long history in the gaming industry, Mad Catz has the technical capability, product breadth, global distribution, and developer and publisher relationships that uniquely position our company to make this ambitious initiative a success."

Mad Catz will be showing off some of its GameSmart lineup at CES 2013. The mobile peripheral market does lack standardization and whoever manages to bring an industry standard is sure to hit a gold mine. Will Mad Catz be able to do what hardware developers in the past have been unable to achieve and standardize the mobile gaming peripheral market?

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