RaiderSmiley14 June 2019 12:31

I'll tell you, I worked at Verizon Wireless from 2001 - 2012, and Sprint from 2012-2013, and when the Motorola Droid and HTC Eris were launched, I dropped my Blackberry and never looked back. I used Android for my phone for years (always have an iPad for my tablet, though). Then 2 years ago, i got promoted within my current company (not in telecommunications) and was provided a phone. I was given a choice between an Android or an iPhone. My phone at the time, was a Samsung Galaxy Note5. I decided to take the iPhone since A. I never used one as my daily driver, and B. I wasn't paying for the phone or the plan. It is/was an iPhone 7 plus, and my wife even bought me a Apple Watch 3 to go with it (my wife, and ALL of my family use iPhones). Now, since I am at the 2 year point, my company offered me a new phone, again with the same options (this time it is either a Samsung Galaxy 9+/Galaxy 10e, or an iPhone XR). I decided that the iPhone just isn't as "fun" or advanced as I hoped it would have been, so I opted for the 10e. I honestly believe that I will never use an iPhone again. It just isn't for me. With the release of this article (and I realize the final product could be completely different from what's being predicted,. but probably not) I am feeling much better about my decision to leave iOS to go back to Android.

ps. and by the way, I also am buying a Samsung Galaxy Watch to go with the 10e. I hope the Galaxy Watch matches or surpasses the features/quality of my Apple Watch 3. The iPad and Watch 3 surpassed my expectations, and I was very pleased with both. It's the iPhone that leaves a lot to be desired.

ebrandwein14 June 2019 15:56

Apple has been so tied up with turning the iPhone into a point of sale device that they seem to have forgotten to keep making things fun and interesting. Putting aside the tons of spam and vendor solicitations we get in our email, between Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music, Pandora, Amazon, In-App purchases, iCloud, iTunes, Apple Pay/Google Pay/Paypal, banking app notifications, brokerage app notifications and countless other such interruptions, it seems like every time I pick up my iPhone someone is badgering me for money. Enough already.
Re-do the app store. Convince the developers to let me just buy an app without all the in-app purchase stuff. Apple seems to like privacy, ok then make a social network of its own without the advertising and privacy invasions that currently happen. Do something fun that doesn't entail coming at me with your hand out.
I don't have all the ideas or even the words to fully explain what I really mean here. It just seems more and more to me that the iPhone as a source of wonder has died.


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