The Huawei Mate X may have stolen all the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s thunder at the Mobile World Congress, convincing some that it’s the best foldable phone so far.

But beware, the company can’t answer some important questions about its durability.

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(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The Chinese mobile news site CNMO reports that Huawei’s President He Gang couldn’t tell media outlets how many times the Mate X would be able to fold without shattering.

“I can’t say the exact number of times,” Gang said, “we still have to do more experiments but, in any case, we will definitely meet consumers’ requirements” before the actual product launch.

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For a phone that will cost around $2,600, that’s quite the statement. I would have imagined that Huawei would have done its homework before taking this into the limelight, especially when there have been reports that these screens can “shatter like dried paper” when pushed too far.

Gang insisted that Huawei is working hard on durability and also on usability — working on apps that can seamlessly transition from folded to unfolded state. He added that there will not be “any display issue that interferes with its usability” but that, to get actual usability figures, will have to “wait for a couple of years.”

Again, this is disconcerting. We know that Google has been working on foldable applications for Android in close relationship with Samsung. Both companies wanted to ensure that the Galaxy Fold delivers a seamless, smooth user experience. It’s puzzling that Gang didn’t mention Google at all.

We will have to wait and see for these questions to get answered when the Huawei Mate X finally ships. For now, while the hardware may look better than Samsung's, I would probably be cautious until we get our hands on one — and the Fold too, for that matter.

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