Just when you think you have seen everything in the internet, the rabbit hole gets seven parsecs deeper: Discovery Channel UK’s YouTube has been live-streaming how honey is made for almost an entire day now and people are watching transfixed.

You can watch it here (if someone sane at the TV channel hasn’t decided to stop this madness by the time you read these lines):

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“Here we go again!”, “I can’t stop watching”, “What am I going to do with my life when they stop the stream”?, or “Bees, bees, beeeeeeeeeeees” are some of the chat comments scrolling as the stream goes on seemingly forever. A thousand people were commenting on the stream chat when I started to watch myself.

Credit: Discovery Channel/YouTube
(Image credit: Discovery Channel/YouTube)

The clip is part of the legendary “How It’s Made” TV program, a long running documentary series that captures how everyday products are crafted in factories around the world, from bubble gum to noodles to megaphones. The series’ videos and GIF loops are widely shared in forums everywhere, seemingly getting everyone who watches into a trance.

The episode has been running on a loop for the last 18 hours at the time of publication of this article, and it has already made it to Reddit’s front page.

“It’s the product of one of the most intelligent and industrious of creatures,” narrator Tony Hirst starts. It seems that whomever decided to put this on a loop in YouTube is an intelligent and industrious genius, too.

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