A third stimulus check is part of the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill, called the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The legislation earned final approval in a House vote this week, bringing the government one step closer to sending $1,400 to eligible Americans.

While the relief bill waits for President Biden's signature, you might want to know the timeline or stimulus check date, and how to use a third stimulus check calculator to find your stimulus check amount, since the income limits have already changed.

  • Third stimulus check calculator: See how much money you'll get
  • Do children get the third stimulus check?
  • Stimulus check date: Here’s the latest timeline for your $1,400 check

The third stimulus check amount will be $1,400, which, when coupled with the previous $600 check from December, would get $2,000 to millions of Americans. The third stimulus check eligibility guidelines are more generous to dependents than they were for the first and second checks, but less generous in terms of income limits.

People who make up to $75,000 a year, according to their most recent tax returns, will still qualify for the entire payment. Couples filing jointly will get the full payment if they have a joint total income of $150,000 or less. 

Above that limit, the amount of money distributed decreases rapidly, and individuals who earn more than $80,000 per year or $160,000 per year as joint filers will get nothing. (We have more information about how to calculate how much you'll get below.)

Dependent children up to age 23, as well as elderly parents dependent upon adult children, may also qualify for the full $1,400, a big change from the previous two bills.

Here's everything else we know about the proposed third stimulus check, including new details on where it stands.

Third stimulus check update today (March 9)

On Wednesday House voted on the American Rescue Plan Act to approve changes made in the Senate last week. According to CNN, " the House's vote paves the way for President Joe Biden to sign the $1.9 trillion bill into law.

According to the White House (via CBS News,) President Biden is expected to sign the relief plan, which he initially championed in his first days in office. 

Earlier this week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki offered an update on how soon the checks can start going out once the President signs the plan.

"Once the rescue plan is signed, we’ll be able to start getting payments out this month," Psaki told reporters. "Treasury and IRS are working tirelessly to make that happen."

Psaki also clarified how 2020 taxes impact stimulus checks, since we're approaching tax filing deadline. The press secretary said that eligibility depends on your most recent filing, whether that's your taxes for 2020 or 2019.

Saturday, March 6, the Senate passed the $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan. Lawmakers changed the bill, so it needed to return to the House for approval.

Third stimulus check amount: How much is the third stimulus check?

The third stimulus check is worth $1,400 for Americans who make $75,000 or less per year. When President Joe Biden proposed the third round of payments, he said they'll supplement the $600 payments that began going out late last year.

Stimulus check eligibility: Who will get the stimulus check?

If you were eligible for the full amount of the first and second stimulus checks, you will likely also be eligible for the third stimulus check, but not everyone who got smaller checks in the first two rounds will receive money this time.

In the first two stimulus bills, people who earned $75,000 or less per year according to their most recent tax returns qualified for the entire stimulus check. Joint filers who earned up to $150,000 per year were also eligible for the entire amount. 

People who earned more than those amounts received a prorated amount that was reduced by $5 for every $100 of income above the threshold. This time around, the amount will be reduced by $28 for every $100 of income above the threshold.

If you made between $75,000 and $80,000 on your last tax return, multiply every dollar above $75,000 by 0.28. Take the resulting number and subtract it from $1,400. The result will be the size of your stimulus check.

So if you make $77,000, the amount to multiply by 0.28 would be $2,000. That comes to $560. Subtract that from $1,400 and you get $840. We have a link to a stimulus check calculator.

Because the payment amounts were different between the first two bills, the income cutoff to get any money at all was $99,000 for single filers for the first check, but only $87,000 in the second check. The cutoffs were double those amounts for joint filers.

In the third bill, the cutoff will be $80,000 per year for single filers and $160,000 per year for joint filers. 

The American Rescue Plan Act, in its current form, also stipulates that dependents up to age 23, as well as senior parents living with adult children, will qualify families for additional $1,400 payments. 

That means that most Americans who are dependents of someone who earns up to $75,000 would be eligible for the third stimulus check.

Third stimulus check release date: When will you get $1,400?

Now that the bill has been passed in the House, we have a potential timeline for stimulus checks. Keep in mind that these dates are subject to change:

Friday, March 12:

President Biden will likely sign the bill into law on Friday. Based on how things worked with the last round of stimulus, Monday is then first day that direct-deposit payments could land in the accounts of people whose bank information is already on file with the IRS.

Next week, beginning Monday, March 15:

Actual paper checks will be mailed to those whose bank information is not on file. If that’s you, you’ll likely wait 7-14 days from the day the bill passes to receive your check.

Third stimulus check calculator: See how much you're eligible for

The third stimulus check calculator could be useful to know how much you money you'll get as you look into your next few months of personal finances. It’s also useful to read up on the best ways to spend your stimulus check if you don’t already have a plan for your payment.

Forbes made a third stimulus check calculator that can help you figure out your third stimulus check amount. 

How it works: Go to https://www.forbes.com/advisor/personal-finance/third-stimulus-check-calculator/. Complete the short questionnaire. Enter how you filed your taxes (single/joint), how many children you have and your adjusted gross income (AGI) for 2019.

Third stimulus check dependents: Who qualifies?

Under President Biden's current plan, more dependents will be eligible for stimulus checks than in previous relief legislation. Dependents age 23 or younger and elderly parents living with their adult children all qualify.

If you meet the complete stimulus check income limit requirements and claim a dependent, you'll receive an additional $1,400. A family of four could get $5,600, for example. 

Unemployment benefit supplements reduced to $300

Democratic leaders are aiming to send the entire stimulus package to Biden's desk before March 14, when the current round of federal unemployment-benefit supplements will expire. 

Unemployment benefits are normally paid by states, but the federal government is helping out the states during the pandemic. The supplements that run through March 14 are $300 per week.

Whether the American Rescue Plan Act meets that deadline depends on how smoothly the bill sails through the Senate and then through the House again. 

The House passed the earlier version of the bill 219-212, with all Republicans and two Democratic moderates voting against the bill. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) doesn't have much room to spare for the bill's repassage.

Once Biden signs the bill, the IRS can begin making direct deposits within a couple of business days and begin mailing out checks a few days later. The process will be more rapid than for the first stimulus checks from nearly a year ago because the framework is already in place.

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