While phones and tablets are getting more advanced over time, the one crucial thing manufacturers haven't gotten into phones yet are quality scanners (and perhaps coffee machines). In the meantime, we have to contend with the cameras coupled with some clever software. Having personally been through more scanner apps on multiple platforms than can be counted on three full sets of fingers, one app stands out as doing a remarkable job: Scanner Pro.
After scanning in the document, the app allows for border detection, cropping, shadow removal, perspective compensation and color adjustments to be made on the image. With the latest update, it can even do all of this for you automatically, allowing for impressively fast batch scanning. Being able to export the document into multiple formats including PDF, and then uploading it to having Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive or any other WebDAV storage, makes this app well worth its $6.99 price tag. 
Those who still snap illegible pictures of whiteboards, or try to decipher photos of paper documents, should have a look at the app on Apple's App store

here. While the app is currently only available to iOS users, we are inquiring into the company's future plans for hopefully expanding to other mobile markets. Feel free to share your experiences and/or opinions on these kind of apps in the comments section below.

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