Sony has revealed one of the killer features of its next-generation game console, the PS5, and is outlining some of its future plans regarding the PlayStation brand.

It’s promising that with the help of all sorts of new tech, it’s going to make gaming on PlayStation more powerful and flexible than ever before.

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At a company ‘corporate strategy meeting’, Sony gave the attendees a sneak peek of what we’re assuming will be the PS5. In a statement it released after the meeting, according to TechRadar, Sony said that “The two keywords for the future direction of PlayStation are ‘immersive’ and ‘seamless.’”

The way Sony plans to achieve these targets is firstly with increased computing power and a custom SSD for speedy processing and loading. The video below from The Wall Street Journal tech reporter Takashi Mochizuki shows how the new hardware compares to Sony’s current most powerful hardware, the PlayStation 4 Pro.

The seamless part of their goal is to come via Remote Play and PlayStation Now on the current PS4. Remote Play is an existing feature that permits users to play their games away from their PS4 via a PC, Mac or Sony Xperia smartphone, while still using a PlayStation controller and everything else they have stored on the console.

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PlayStation Now is apparently going to offer “immersive game experiences to users regardless of whether they own a PS4 console at all.” This is Sony’s game streaming service, allowing access to hundreds of games for a monthly subscription fee. This part of the statement indicates that Sony’s willing to divorce the subscription from the hardware, allowing you to play on other platforms as long as you’re paying.

The statement also mentions Sony’s recent team-up with Microsoft, the two companies working together on ‘cloud solutions’, which will include the streaming of games, as well as its planned use of 5G. Although it doesn’t specify a purpose for this, one can imagine the increased reliability and speeds of 5G will be great for Remote Play and other gaming functions while on the move.

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