Want to give someone the gift of Apple's wireless AirPods headphones for the holidays? You've got only one shopping option left if you want to hand them more than an IOU. 

It seems as if Apple underestimated the demand for its Airpods, as the accessory isn't available in its retail stores (according to Apple.com). Heck, expedited orders won't deliver until the 5th of January, when the wireless headphones are expected to arrive in Apple stores. Best Buy is also hit with delays, as it doesn't expect its units to ship until the 4th of January.

But do not give up hope, as AT&T is offering 2-day shipping for the in-demand buds, which would get them to you with enough time to wrap them up before Christmas Day. That 2-day shipping bumps the cost up to $173.95, but it's more trustworthy than the free 3 to 5 day shipping, which could delay the receipt of the AirPods past the 25th.

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If AT&T sells out — and with demand this high, it may — and you're OK with exchanging gifts on New Year's Eve, Verizon is claiming it can ship AirPods by the 29th of December.

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In that case, make sure to get the $12.99 Next Day by 8pm shipping option. But since the Verizon online store notes that "Signature is required for delivery," this is only for shoppers who have never had trouble with getting deliveries, and have never found a "We tried to deliver" sticker on their door without ever getting a call from the delivery person.

In our review, we praised the AirPods for their great audio quality and excellent connectivity with iOS devices.

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