The $499 DxO One camera is a pricey, but fantastic addition for any iPhone owner who wants to get better pictures, and it just got better. In its newest firmware update, DxO activated a dormant feature that's been hiding in the camera since its inception.

This update turns on the Wi-Fi chip inside the camera, allowing you to use your iPhone as a remote viewfinder, no Lightning connection required. The update will let you control the camera either via a direct Wi-Fi connection, or remotely if you link the DxO One to a Wi-Fi network.

DxO also announced an Outdoor Shell protective case that will let you take the camera as deep as 150 feet underwater for up to 45 minutes. This $60 case will come in seven colors (Coral, Yellow, Line, Lagoon, Black, White and Olive), and has two rear panels; one that lets you use the DxO's touchscreen — but still protects it from splashes — and one that lets you take the camera on dives.

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The case also has a tripod mount, as well as one that can connect to GoPro accessories. However, DxO was quick to point out that this new case for the camera doesn't turn this into a GoPro competitor, although I'm certain many will try. However, at 3.86 x 2.56 x 1.85 inches and 7.23 ounces with the camera, the DxO is much bulkier than a

GoPro with its waterproof housing (2.8 x 2.6 x 1.5 inches and 5.2 ounces).

Finally, DxO is releasing two more accessories. A 30.5mm optical adapter ($24.99) can attach to either the Outdoor Shell or the camera itself so that you can screw on things such as polarizing filters and fisheye and macro lenses. The second accessory, generically named Stand ($24.99), clips onto the bottom of the camera so that you can attach it to both standard tripod mounts as well as Mini Arca-Swiss clamps and MePhoto Day Trip mounts.       

Altogether, the firmware update, as well as the new accessories, turn the DxO into a much more versatile camera, and make it even more of a compelling accessory for any iPhone owner.

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