Honor Band 5 Hands-On: The Cheap Fitness Tracker to Watch

By Richard Priday

It’s not available outside of China yet, but keep an eye on this cheap yet effective fitness tracker.

My Month with a Wear OS Android Watch: The Good, Bad and Ugly

By Phillip Tracy

After a frustrating month with a Wear OS Android watch, I remain hopeful about the future of Google's smartwatch platform.

FightCamp Workouts Pack a Serious Punch

By Philip Michaels

FightCamp uses sensors, boxing gloves and a freestanding bag, with an eye toward helping you stay in shape by boxing.

Huawei Watch GT Ditches Wear OS for Longer Battery Life

By Caitlin McGarry

Huawei's new smartwatch and fitness tracker are focused on fitness and lengthy battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Hands-On: Fashion Meets Fitness

By Caitlin McGarry

Samsung's newest smartwatch is fast and stylish, but can it compete with the Apple Watch?

First Look: Garmin Adds Music to Vivoactive 3 Smartwatch

By Caitlin McGarry

Garmin is bringing offline music playback to more of its devices with the launch of the $300 Vivoactive 3 Music.

Acer Leap Beads Bridges Gap Between Spirituality and Tech

By Sherri L. Smith

Acer has found a way to bring spirituality into the 21st century with its Leap Beads

Fitbit Versa Is the Cheap Apple Watch I Really Want

By Caitlin McGarry

Fitbit’s new Versa smartwatch has a familiar face and health features just for women.

This VR Workout Machine Let Me Fight Dragons to Burn Fat

By Michael Andronico

Black Box VR is a new type of workout experience that turns exercise into an immersive virtual reality competition.

First Look: Music Takes Garmin's New GPS Watch to Next Level

By Caitlin McGarry

Garmin finally put offline music storage in a running watch, so I had to try it out.

Don't Laugh: Why You'll Want to Buy Peloton's $4,000 Treadmill

By Caitlin McGarry

Peloton's connected treadmill aims to swap your gym membership for live-streamed classes. Your wallet won't like it, but your waistline might.

I Took a DNA Test to Shape Up, But It Didn't Work Out

By Caitlin McGarry

Lose It promises to to help you eat and exercise better based on an analysis of your DNA, but right now, the app's advice is too generic for the steep cost.

Meet Ionic, Fitbit's First Smartwatch and Last Chance to Beat Apple

By Caitlin McGarry

With a new smartwatch, sweatproof headphones, and a suite of enhanced health- and fitness-tracking features, Fitbit proves it's playing hardball.

I Slept in Tom Brady's Bioceramic Pajamas

By Mike Prospero

Does wearing Under Armour’s Athlete Recovery Sleepwear really help you get a better night’s rest and heal your aches and pains?

LeEco's Bike Has 4G, GPS, Bluetooth and (Yes) Lasers

By Mike Prospero

This smart bike also has a 4-inch touchscreen, and can alert you if it's being stolen.

Fisher Price SmartCycle Keeps Kids from Getting Fat

By Mike Prospero

The Fisher Price SmartCycle connects to an app (of course), and requires your kid to pedal towards victory.

Oakley's High-Tech Workout Shades Have Built-in Personal Trainer

By Mike Prospero

These pricey specs provide real-time coaching feedback as you run or bike.

The Rock's Alarm App Kicked My Butt Out of Bed

By Henry T. Casey

The Rock Clock is here to wake you up and give you all the motivation you need to stay awake, and no Snooze button

Mio Introduces Thinner, Sleeker, Cheaper Fitness Band

By Mike Prospero

Mio's $99 Slice band has a built-in heart rate monitor and will keep tabs on your overall health using Mio's new PAI algorithm.

These Light-Up Shoes Are The Coolest Thing I Saw at CES

By Mike Prospero

The Orphe shoes have changing LEDs in the soles that you can control from your smartphone.

BowFlex Smart Dumbbells Make Sure You're Not Cheating

By Mike Prospero

Bowflex's connected dumbbells know if you're lifting weights properly by using motion sensors.

This Sensor Keeps You From Cheating On Your Diet

By Mike Prospero

The DietSensor app and Scio scanner can analyze the foods you're eating, and if they're healthy for you.

Fossil Q54 Pilot Brings Smart Features to Analog Watch

By Cherlynn Low

Fossil adds fitness tracking and smartphone compatibility to its analog Pilot 54 watch with the new Q54 Pilot smart watch.

Chic New Wearable Helps You Relieve Stress

By Cherlynn Low

The Sona Connected Bracelet tracks your mental and physical activity to help you better deal with stress. We go hands-on.

Shocking! Wearable Device Zaps Your Nerves to Alter Your Mood

By Joey Cosco

Thync's wearable can perk you up or calm you down by sending electrical pulses straight into your nerves.

The Tesla of Bikes: Test Riding Bosch's $5,500 eBike

By Mike Prospero

Will Bosch's eBikes catch on in the U.S.? I took a ride on one around the streets of Manhattan to find out.